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June 2022

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SA-SAMS Version 22.0.2 Update
Please Note:
Use only If SA-SAMS 19.3.0 or later is installed on your system


Version 22.0.1 and 22.0.2:

  • Version 20.0.1 contained a correction to assist schools with DDD Valistrator uploads as well as other urgent updates. Unfortunately, the correction in 22.0.1 included a section that replaced the subject keys that affected e.g. the Time Table. The Error fix tool was developed to enable DDD Valistractor as well as the Time table and is included in 22.0.2 to ensure that all databases are corrected.
  • To limit the number of patches, the new changes of 22.0.1 are included in version 22.0.2 with the correction of the subject key table. The result is that schools updated with 22.0.1 can upgrade to 22.0.2that corrected the subject keys. Schools on 22.0.0 can upgrade directly to 22.0.2 and will have all the changesof 22.0.1 without the error.

Changes on Release 22.0.2 & what schools must do:

** 22.0.1 changes that is included in 22.0.2


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