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curriculum capture marks Sa-Sams vs WCED marksheets

Good day

I am capturing marks in SA- Sams and in the Mark sheets from WCED.
What I found is that the term total in SA_Sams and in the WCED mark sheets differ with up to a few percentages.
Example: A learner will get 79% in SA_Sams but 80% in WCED mark sheets.

Is this maybe due to rounding only? Can I rectify it?

I checked the weighting in SA-sams already, it is correct. 

Thanks for your assistance


Hello [email protected],

If the WCED Mark Sheets incorporate the same weightings as on SA-SAMS, the only plausible explanation would be the rounding of marks.  If not, then the weightings in SA-SAMS may be the source of the slight deviation.

Would you be so kind to mail me one of the WCED Mark Sheets on which this occurs, please?

sed ipse spiritus postulat pro nobis, gemitibus inenarrabilibus


1. The Task/Activity Marks are stored as a decimal - even though only a integer value can be entered on the GUI.
2. The Mark per Term Cycle per Subject per Student is stored as a whole number, rounded to the nearest whole number from the calculated decimal value of all tasks & activities in 1.

Do the schedules show the Mark rounded from 2. or does a re-calculation occur from 1.
Per Term this won't be a problem - only one rounding occurs.

When more than one term is considered however, eg. Promotions, are the integers in 2. used for the calculations, or are all decimal calculated values from 1. re-calculated, and decimal rounding happens only on the final mark to ensure "rounded values" aren't being used for calculations?

Curious as to understand the procedures behind the mark calculations for the GUI, Schedules and promotion Decisions.

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