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SA SAMS Transfer


How do I transfer SA SAMS program already filled in with Learners, etc., to another computer? I spent last night uploading learner info etc., and now need to transfer this info to the office computer. We are not on a network. Also, is it possible to export the data to Excel? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

Kind regards,

If you haven't already installed SA-SAMS on the office computer, follow the Installing SA-SAMS guide on the landing page (updated today).

Make sure that you install SA-SAMS to C:\Program Files\EdusolSAMS and not C:\Program Files (x86)\EdusolSAMS.

You can then copy your database onto a memory stick and transfer it to the C:\Program Files\EdusolSAMS\Data folder on the office computer.

If the Data folder doesn't exist, you'll need to browse to the following folder:
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\EdusolSAMS\Data

Replace <username> above with the username logged on to the computer.  If you can't see the appdata folder under C:\Users\<username>, try typing it in the address bar at the top, after C:\users\<username>\
Example: C:\Users\SarelK\appdata
and then press enter.

Please, if the computers are not networked, do not work on SA-SAMS on your schools databases, on both computers (two separate databases).  There is no quick and clean way to merge the data that is on the one, into the other, if you work on both DBs.

If you encounter any trouble, holler. Wink

sed ipse spiritus postulat pro nobis, gemitibus inenarrabilibus


Thanks so much, Sarel! I've managed to copy our DB onto a flash by following your instructions. 

We hit a snag, as the SA SAMS on my laptop and the office computer is an older version which downloaded from the site. It installed the edusolsams program in program files (x86); so I guess I must uninstall it on the office computer?

I did manage to input all our school's data in the program though. We of course, couldn't do anything with it because the version is incorrect and there isn't a Lurits Approval Module selection on the main menu. We are going to our district's offices tomorrow morning, as the guy who came out today said that we have to take my laptop to him there and he will install the latest version of SASAMS for us. I'm hoping he'll be able to give us a copy to install on our office computer and then I can transfer the data and the secretary can continue updating it!

Your help is very much appreciated, and your professionalism and quick responses are so refreshing!

I reckon your desktop shortcut is set to still open the initial install program file. I've seen that happen lots of times.

The quickest route to fix this, would be to uninstall the following from the Windows Control Panel:
b) SASAMS Spread V6.0.57
* If it shows any of the above twice, remove all of them (it will report an error confirming  that the program was already uninstalled, but it'll clear them both from your installed programs list).

1. Run your initial (first-time) installer again, making sure to set the install location to C:\Program Files\EdusolSAMS
*remove the space and the (x86) in brackets by clicking in the field and delete the characters.
2. Reinstall the Spread Grid (this one goes in the (x86) folder)
3. Install the latest Patch.

The database will remain intact, i.e. the uninstall won't delete your database, but keep a backup at hand nonetheless.

If you have Internet and TeamViewer, you can also mail me at [email protected]

sed ipse spiritus postulat pro nobis, gemitibus inenarrabilibus


It worked! I can't thank you enough! All updated and latest package. I will do the same to the admin computer when I get to school and thereafter the sec can continue updating.

Much appreciated!

Kind regards,

No problem - you are most welcome... Wink

sed ipse spiritus postulat pro nobis, gemitibus inenarrabilibus


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