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Promotion Adjustment

Could someone please assist as to where we can 'bump' the learner's promotions with the allowed 4-7% to ensure they progress as required?
Also - which schedule/report in SA-SAMS will show these changes?

If you already adhered to National Assessment Circular 3 of 2015 in terms of your Retention List and Adjusted Learner List for the Senior Phase, proceed to MG 19/2015.

Although the latter is a Free State Circular prepared by EMIS, I deem it a valuable resource for all schools that might not have a similar Circular from their PED (Provincial Education Department).  It will also assist schools to create the following lists/reports from MS Excel:

a) Retention List
b) Learners with Mark Adjustments
c) Learners that were Not Promoted
d) With minor tweaking (not covered in the document) you can also filter learners to display those that have already reached their maximum number of years in the Phase.

In short:
1. Condone the marks at Maintain Learner SBA Results (12.3.12), so that the learners Progress according to the criteria.  For 2016, a maximum adjustment of 6% is allowed for the Senior Phase.

* 2015: 7%
* 2016: 6%
* 2017: 5%

2. Maintain the Learner Report Cycle Results (12.7.16) and save the results.

3. Maintain Learner Promotion Decisions + Learner General Report Comments (12.7.18). Check to ensure that relevant learners Progress, make sure that their Promotion Indicators have been updated accordingly and add comments, where applicable.  You can add your Progress Report Comments later, if you need to.

4. The results should reflect on any of the Mark Schedules (I prefer and, but your PED may require you to use another format).

Holler if you need help.

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