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ID number says it exists already

Morning! I Have an archived learner with an ID number, there is a learner in a class (not archived) and with no ID number but when I try to put an ID number for the learner it says it already exists and it is because of the archived learner. When I try to restore the learner and delete the learner's entire record it doesn't help as the learner still remains undeleted. Please help.

Hi there Vincent,

As far as I have been able to ascertain on SA-SAMS version 16.1.1, Delete Learners (3.1.18) doesn't show current learners, although the text label next to the Grade drop-down reads Select a grade to view current and archived learners.  My guess would be that this is a preventative measure to ensure that you do not delete a current learner by accident.  Thus, the learner must be archived before you can delete the record.

1. You do not need to restore a learner from the Archive in order to delete his/her record.

2. If we are talking about the exact, same learner, unless you have a good reason for not choosing to do so, I would archive the newly created learner, without the ID number.  Select Remove duplicate from the list box at Reason for Leaving) on your Archive Learner window (3.1.1).  Thus you don't need to delete the learner, unless you want to reuse the admin/accession number, if you're using a chronological number set for this purpose.

The rationale behind this is purely that you have a learner that already has existing records (a history) in SA-SAMS.  It is true that you will have to update his/her records from the application form, once you have restored the old learner records from your archive, but that shouldn't take more than 10 minutes or so, including assigning his/her subjects.

3. If we are talking about another learner altogether, I would archive the old learner (if you restored it from the archive, archive it again).  Select Remove duplicate from the list box at Reason for Leaving) on your Archive Learner window (3.1.1).  You don't need to delete the learner, since you likely won't be assigning that accession number to another learner.

Personally, I wouldn't delete the learner either way, since you have the proof to say what happened and how you rectified it, but it is up to you to decide.

If you don't manage to get it sorted, contact me via PM, so we can take a look with TeamViewer.

sed ipse spiritus postulat pro nobis, gemitibus inenarrabilibus


Thank you very much sir.

You are most welcome, Vincent. Wink

sed ipse spiritus postulat pro nobis, gemitibus inenarrabilibus


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