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Resolved: Capturing Marks over Network returns an error

good day.

i urgently need assistance.
i have linked 5 computers to a server. on the server, where the database is located i do not have a problem. however on the computers that are on the network there is a issue. the problem is when to try to enter marks it gives an error. the error is with the change color routine. it gives the error about five times, then a run time error occurs and then sasams closes.

can anyone please assist me.
i am running version 16.1.1.

kind regards.
Windsor Secondary- Ladysmith-KZN

did you check the edusolspread version
On the main menu at the bottom -   Click on "About" just left of "exit"  - click on "grid"
The Grid version should say edusolspread 6.0.57 - if not download the grid from Thutong

Thank you for answering, DBE SA-SAMS.  Wink

@nilesh: Direct Link to the SA-SAMS Spread Grid 6.0.57

sed ipse spiritus postulat pro nobis, gemitibus inenarrabilibus


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