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Forum Rules

1. Introduction:

1.1 Proper governance of the SA-SAMS Public Community and Support Forum necessitates rules to protect the Community's sustainable online presence, the Sponsor (Owner of the Web Domain), its Members and other Stakeholders;

1.2  in All interested parties Include, but are not necessarily limited to the Department of Education, external Service Providers and the broader Public.

1.2 We require rules to do this properly.

2. Scope:

2.1 These Rules apply to both the Community and the Forum itself;

2.2 It is a supplement to the Forum Registration Agreement that you accepted by registering as a Forum User. By registering as a User, you agree to be bound by these Rules.

3. Amendment and Interpretation:

3.1 The amendment of the Rules  Forum Administrators reserve the right to amend the rules from time-to-time, as deemed necessary. It remains the User's sole responsibility to keep abreast of changes in the rules, at all times.

1.4 A Glossary of Terms is included at the bottom, for common abbreviations used.

1.4 Interpretation of the rules is up to the Administrators. Comments or discussions on other interpretations of the rules is not allowed on the forum. If you have a problem with any rule in particular, take it up with an Administrator by means of a PM or on e-mail.

1.5 Whether intended or purely by accident, impersonation of Forum Staff is not allowed.  Please refrain from using forum names containing text that might potentially lead users to believe that this is the case. Examples would be, but are not necessarily confined to: "Administrator...", "Support...", "Forum Staff..., etc. The only exception to this rule would be for the National SA-SAMS Support Team and Provincial EMIS Support members employed by the DBE or a PED.  If you managed to do this by accident, prior to reading the rules, please contact an Administrator to have it rectified.

1.6 We encourage collaboration, but posts only pointing out breaches of the rules (Backseat Modding) are not allowed by normal members.  Use the built-in "Report" function at the bottom of the post, to have a Forum Staff member take a look.

1.7 If  you come across content on the forum that you find offensive, please report it to the Forum Staff immediately.

1.8 Abide by the rules to ensure that everybody has a pleasant forum experience.

2. Attitude on the Forum:

2.1 We are all professionals. Treat everybody as you would have liked yourself to be treated - with respect.

2.2 The Forum Staff members volunteer their time and effort to help you.  Other than helping out on the forum, we have day jobs to attend to as well. Please view it in that light and do not rant and rave if you do not receive quick responses all the time.  We endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

2.3 Flaming/Trolling (sarcasm, insults and plain looking for trouble) is not allowed.

3. Forum Content:

3.1 Posting offensive visual content, textual content and/or links related to the nature of the promotion of: pornography, sexual orientation, racial discrimination, political discrimination, promotion of immorality and the promotion of software piracy (including software keys/serial numbers, hacks, cracks or illegal download pages and peer-to-peer sites that host links associated with any form of software or media piracy) is strictly forbidden.

3.2 Be careful of religious/traditional discussions that may be offensive to other people.  On the forum, we acknowledge that we share a rich, multi-cultural society that respect the viewpoints of other religions and traditions.  Whether we agree or don't agree on religious/traditional matters, is not discussion material for this forum.

3.3 It is not allowed to post confidential/sensitive private message (PM) conversations between members of the forum in public.  Not here on the forum, nor anywhere else.

3.4 Posting of content irrelevant to the section or topic at hand, will be moved to an appropriate section.

3.5 Fraudulent scams of any nature are strictly forbidden and will surely lead to a perma-ban and IP-address ban.

3.6 Double-posting is not encouraged, but if you really need to add something and cannot edit your post, it is allowed.

3.7 Post-hunting (posting in each and every thread you can whilst not contributing anything meaningful to the topic, just for the sake of getting a higher post count and rank) is not permitted.

3.8 Reposting a thread that was already closed is not allowed. If you wish to continue a discussion, ask a Forum Staff member to reopen it.

3.9 Spam and or chain private messages/posts is not allowed.

3.10 A maximum of five smilies per post is allowed.

3.11 Any content deemed undesirable will be removed without prior discussion.

4. Accounts, Warnings and Bans:

4.1 Every user is encouraged to register and use a single forum account.  Multiple account registrations and the use thereof may lead to all of the accounts ending up perma-banned.

4.2 In cases where two or more users share an IP-address and have accounts on the forum (typical of school networks), it is advisable to inform an Administrator, ONLY if a query arises that ended in a multi-account (more than one account per user) ban.

4.3 Sharing your account with another person is strictly prohibited and may result in a permanent ban.

4.4 Continuous breaching of the rules (and of course, the special rules that may apply to particular sections) may lead to a warning, temporary ban or, in extreme cases, a perma-ban from the forum.

4.5 Circumventing the ban by registering a second (or more) accounts is not permitted and will lead to both (or more) accounts being perma-banned.

4.6 In extreme cases it may be possible for a user to get banned (or even perma-banned) without prior warning.

4.7 Editing a post after a warning was given (this includes removing or editing the warning) is against the rules and can lead to a ban from the forums.

4.8 Discussion of your own - or another member's - ban or warning is not permitted on the public forum and may lead to further warnings or bans.

4.9 Posting on a banned user's behalf is not allowed.  No, not even to say he/she is sorry. Rather discuss it with an Administrator via PM.

4.10 If you feel you have been warned unfairly, PM the Forum Staff member who issued the warning. In case of non-resolution, an Administrator's say will be the final word.

4.11 Impersonation of a Forum Staff member (Name, Avatar, Signature or action taken to contact other members of the forum) may lead to a warning or, in extreme cases, a ban or perma-ban.

4.12 Spambot initiated accounts and posts will be killed on sight.

5. Signatures, Avatars and Images:

5.1 No images are allowed in signatures.  It hampers the forum performance (loading of pages) and takes up unnecessary hosting space.

5.2 Signatures must not have more than 5 lines of standard-sized text.

5.3 Do not use excessively large fonts in signatures (or elsewhere on the forum).

5.4 Avatars should be a reasonable size, proportionate to the forum requirements.

5.5 The use of animated .GIF files as Avatars is not prohibited, but such files may be removed if found that it hampers the forum's overall performance.

5.6 Images may be attached or embedded within posts, only if absolutely necessary and should not exceed 100 kb per image.

5.7 Moderators or Administrators may remove any pictures deemed to be oversized at any time, without prior notification.

5.8 No more than five pictures may be placed inside any single post.

5.9 If information in a really large image must be passed on to Forum Staff, obtain an e-mail address and mail it.

6. Forum Language:

6.1 The Forum language is English. Considering that we have a wide audience that can collaborate and benefit from your inputs/questions, we ask that you respect this.

6.2 If English is not your native language, give it your best shot. We are here to learn; not to make fun of others' typing mistakes/incorrect grammar.

6.3 Typing in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS is the equivalent of shouting, which is plain rude - unless you wish to emphasize three or four words.

6.4 Considering context, inappropriate or "foul" language will not be tolerated. The definition of what constitutes "foul language" and what doesn't will be at the sole discretion of the Forum Staff and is not open for discussion, regardless of whether it appears in a dictionary or not.

6.5 Not everyone is familiar with acronyms such as TTYL, BRB, AFK, BBL, LOL, ROFL, etc. Respect that and type out proper words and sentences, if in doubt.

6.6 Preferably, posts should contain a minimum of two words, e.g. "Thank you".

6.7 The Forum Staff reserve the right to censor posts. This will be indicated in the relevant post, e.g. "EDIT: ...".

7. Advertisement, Promotion and Degradation:

7.1 Any in-forum activity and/or advertisement (via forum post or PM) to promote/degrade specific schools, government, religions, institutions, people, websites, items, etc. and/or linking to other Internet content with the purpose to promote or degrade any such content, that may at any time be deemed offensive by any member of the forum, is not allowed.

8. Disclaimer:

8.1 Although we endeavor to ensure that this forum is managed properly and that it contains only appropriate content, kindly note that the Forum Staff cannot make any warranties that no such content will slip by.  If it happens, at no stage should it be seen that it is endorsed or approved by the Forum Staff.  Please reported any content deemed unfeasible to the Forum Staff immediately.

8.2 We live in a Democratic Society where everyone is entitled to their opinion.  An opinion does not warrant any expression of hate speech, or propaganda to the extent of paragraph 7.1 on this forum.  Again, please report any such occurrences to the forum staff immediately.

In closure: have fun, but keep it courteous at all times.

9: Glossary of Terms:
  • DBE: Department of Basic Education
  • PED: Provincial Department of Education
  • PM: Personal Message
  • SA-SAMS: South African School Administration and Management System
  • Stakeholders: Persons or Institutions with an interest or concern in the Public Community and Support Forum

sed ipse spiritus postulat pro nobis, gemitibus inenarrabilibus

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