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Posted by: el.jay509
12-11-2020, 08:40 AM
Forum: Microsoft Windows Support
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I am trying to enter new learners on SASAMS, but it gives me an error:

Current and Future dates not allowed.


One of the schools in our town contacted me with the same problem, can someone please assist?

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Posted by: Chauke Matimba
12-08-2020, 03:42 PM
Forum: Introduce Yourself
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Hi good people.

I need your help, regarding SASAMS.
My question is; how do i Import Excel Marksheet back to SASAMS?   Huh
Please, help me out with this issue.

Kind regards

Chauke Matimba

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Posted by: KN786
11-17-2020, 08:07 AM
Forum: News and Announcements
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As with 20.1.2 the new patch does not register on the program once installed. The workaround for 20.1.2 (doing a full installation) did work in sorting out the issue then but I don't see it working again since newer installation files haven't been released. Any suggestions?

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Posted by: mthizen
11-15-2020, 02:52 PM
Forum: News and Announcements
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How do i access sasams on the server from another pc

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Posted by: wesleyvwyk
11-13-2020, 11:46 AM
Forum: General Discussion
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Good day

I've updated SAMS to the latest patch 20.1.3 on several Windows 7 computers.

These machines have multiple users configured including an Administrator account.

For some reason these machines are restricting access to certain SASAMS files including the main application where the file is locked and the other profiles cannot open the application.

I then have to go into the Administrator profile to give access to everyone for several files under the EdusolSAMS folder to allow the other users to open the application again.

This only happens on machines that have multiple profiles configured on the same computer.



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Posted by: [email protected]
11-09-2020, 12:42 PM
Forum: 16. Security and Database Functions
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Menu 16.19 Errors & Omissions

Error: Database Version mismatch
Current DB: 20.1.2
EdusolEmis.mdb: 20.1.1

I've tried upgrading said EdusolEmis.mdb manually using patch 20.1.2 by selecting it - however this fails as well.

SAMS Team - please update EdusolEmis.mdb or advise ASAP

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Posted by: Tshepo
11-05-2020, 01:55 PM
Forum: 16. Security and Database Functions
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Good Day

My Server connects successfully into SA-SAMS using the correct Username & Password but when I connect my client computer to the server it says "You have not entered the correct password" even if I entered the correct Username & Password. I tried creating a user profile(account) for my client from my server but still can not connect successfully to the server. Before I upgraded to the latest patch it used to connect but since I'm using Patch 20.0.0 it's giving me a hard time.

Please see the attachment below.

Thank you

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Posted by: Haley
11-05-2020, 08:57 AM
Forum: News and Announcements
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Hi, every time I login, it prompts for a new password. It holds onto all past passwords, even though they have been used after 10 new passwords.

please assist

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Posted by: tlinden
10-30-2020, 11:26 AM
Forum: Installation, Upgrade, & Configuration Support
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After applying the new patch 2012, I all of a sudden get an issue when starting SASAMS, it comes up saying "Missing Configuration file will continue using application setting" then it seems to open normally. Does anybody have an idea as to what this is and how I can resolve it?
On certain PC's it loaded fine with no issues.

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Posted by: Dnll18750
10-29-2020, 04:33 AM
Forum: 3. Learner and Parent Information
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Can someone please help.  At 3.3.15 with the monthly stats the dates show i correct dates june dates begins 2020/06/01 and ends 2020/07/24 instead of 2020/06/30. July stats begins 2020/06/08 and ends in 2020/07/31 the. august is 2020/08/01 ends 2020/08/31 so that month is correct then September and October dates are wrong again.  Our term dates are the correct ammended dates. The months from January till May dates shows correct

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