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No New Posts for 2020?

Can't believe there have been no new posts for 2020 Huh Confused Cool Big Grin Big Grin

Perhaps everything in SA-SAMS is working perfectly!

Ashraf Edross

I've had 2 faults since the 19.3.0 was launched. The first is that after the installation is completed, 2 icons would be on the screen. after a day the icons would stop working and the EdusolSams.exe file would disappear. This only happens on some computers. I don't know what causes this to happen, nor how to solve the problem. Reinstallation and complete removal of Sams also fails. The weird solution I have found (thanks to a computer illiterate staff member) is to just delete the icons and restoring it after a day. It is weird, but it works.

The second fault I experienced today. The Curriculum Module resets as if an older patch/version is used. A message stating that 2020 Curriculum data has not been set for this school... appears. I had to revert my database to a backup in order to fix this problem.

This patch is very limited regarding Curriculum setups and is definitely not perfect.

Strange indeed.
I have recently had a case where the wrong DB was being used.
Found multiple versions of SAMS installed in different locations.
Had to get an uninstaller to get rid of everything, fix registry & install 19.3.
Works right away as it should now.

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