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5.1.2 Report Current Functions

Good day all

Hoping we can get this to the dev team.

This function isn't working as expected.
1) Some of the text describing scores 0-3 are truncated in the table.
eg: Procurement Policy including Supply Chain Management, Value 3 "The Procurement policy .... implemented by teh school and"

....Lets get these labels reviewed.

Recruitment and selection for policy for SGB posts.
This value should only store in Field 11 on table SGBFunctions however its writing its value to Fields 11 through to 20.
Thusly the answers for the next section, Section B Meetings, the values don't store in the table (Fields 12-20) however the statistics table gets updated.

Checked all the rest of the survey questions, only the first 10 write and save their values, the other 34 do not - they only update the stats tables.

Good luck

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