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Unable to see activities for Term2

I can't see  all the activities to enter marks for a formal mid-year exam - only the non-editable Task list for e.g. Task 2
Can I edit this and 'duplicate' the Task so we can enter the Exam mark?   Huh

Subject and Grade and Term?

Perhaps a screenshot could benefit us to assist you?

The non-editable Tasks can't be changed unfortunately.

Without more specifics on the Subject and Term, it is extremely difficult to answer your question.

1. Before embarking on the addition of Tasks and Activities, make sure that you obtain sound advice before proceeding, if unsure.

2. Official Tasks and Activities (shown in yellow) cannot be edited.  However, the date of the Task and Activities, as well as the Raw Mark can be changed as desired.

3. If you need to add Tasks and Activities to suit your school's specific needs, this can be done though.  Make sure that the weightings are correct when doing this.

4. Bear in mind that you can change the weightings for Activities, but some of the Official Subject Task Weightings cannot be changed.  So, do proper planning before embarking on any changes.

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